10 Reasons to Attend Shop.org 2017

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September 21, 2017
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10 Reasons to Attend Shop.org 2017

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Retail is digital, whether you sell online, in a brick and mortar store or both. The reality is, consumers engage digitally as part of their retail journeys and as a result, merchants must respond to the increasingly changing consumer marketplace that leads customers from their retail research to their final point of purchase. Along the way? Digital. And countless other touchpoints.

To help strengthen your retail business in an increasingly competitive and increasingly dynamic retail marketplace, consider the ten reasons below why you should attend Shop.org in Los Angeles from September 25 through September 27, 2017.

Reason #1: Get Hands on With Tech 

Tech is only as good as it is understood, so the best way to incorporate technology into your business is to gain firsthand experiences understanding it. At Shop.org, this becomes both easy and fun for retailers through their Tech Lab, which offers hands-on opportunities for attendees to connect and engage with tech leaders within the retail space. As the official website of Shop.org explains, “the Tech Lab at Shop.org will showcase the technologies that are transforming the way retailers market, connect, and serve their customers. Visitors will experience these via custom designed simulations in the environments they are used – including the store, home, and office – and talk directly with tech founders about how their technologies will transfer from the lab to the showroom and full retail stack.”

Reason #2: Gain Networking Experiences That Connect Retailers, Solution Providers, Leaders & More 

When you bring together industry leaders and solution providers, great things are bound to happen. Fortunately, these efforts can be shared with retailers attending Shop.org and as a result, attending merchants will be able to gain valued insight, leadership and firsthand experiences that they would never be able to otherwise. Among the networking and learning experiences include a Women’s Run Retail Luncheon, an Executive Afternoon designed uniquely for executive attendees and a half-day program from GELF (Global eCommerce Leaders Forum) aimed to help retailers and brands better understand the fastest growing market in the world, which is China.

Reason #3: Experience Retail… Hollywood Style 

With paparazzi, a red carpet and even Melissa Rivers on-hand to interview attendees, the opening reception from Shop.org will be a fantastic opportunity to mix and mingle with some of retail’s brightest minds. World-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck will be sharing his award-winning eats, as well as attendees will get to show their glitz and glamorous side through a variety of photo stations and a 360-degree photo booth. This will undoubtedly be an evening to remember in the “retail” books!

Reason #4: Meet Some of the Industry’s Top Thinkers & Doers 

From big box retailers to niche merchants to every type of retailer in between, this is the place to rub elbows with some of the industry’s top thinkers and doers. Hear from industry leaders on what they do and why, what the future of retail may look like and how you can be better equipped to tackle your own unique retail journeys.

Reason #5: Listen to Speakers that Include Kobe Bryant, Tyra Banks, the CEO of DSW and More 

Leadership lessons and retail insight will be among the top experiences gained at Shop.org. On Shop.org’s speaking agenda include Tyra Banks – who will discuss remarkable reinventions, something many retailers can relate to – and Kobe Bryant, who will share insight on his business empire and the hard work it’s taken to get there. Additionally, hear from industry veterans such as Susan Reda, the Editor of STORES Media, and Co-Founders of the popular brand and media site The Skimm. For a full overview of speakers and sessions, click here. 

Reason #6: Experience the Latest, Emerging Retail Technology 

As retail continues to evolve, so does the technology that helps shape it. At Shop.org, there will be a StartUp Zone featuring the most innovative and latest tech solutions for retailers to discover. With less than 50 new companies within this space alone, you’ll be able to quickly yet efficiently experience all that the future of retail has to offer.

Reason #7: Explore One-On-One Meetings with Exhibitors 

New to Shop.org this year, “NRF ENGAGE is a free program that helps retailers discover innovative solutions for their business through private, pre-scheduled meetings with tech startups and exhibitors. As a participant, this unique networking opportunity will provide you with ideas and products that will keep your retail organization on the cutting edge,” explains Shop.org. Meeting and gaining one-on-one valued insight from retail solution providers? That’s something not to miss!

Reason #8: Listen to Live Retail Podcasts OnSite at Shop.org 

From bricks and data to the future of commerce to retail discussions about what’s happening directly at Shop.org and beyond, Shop.org will deliver live retail podcasts directly from their show floors. Rubbing elbows with some of the industry’s top minds is an added bonus! For a full schedule of live podcasts taking place at Shop.org, click here. 

Reason #9: Meet Various Industry Influencers Who Cover Industry Trends, Retail News & More

Among the best ways to stay up-to-date with all the latest industry news, retail insight and more is to follow influencers via social media. At Shop.org, meet 10 plus leading retail thought leaders and industry influencers that will share their perspectives on everything experienced while at Shop.org. Among them include Retail Minded’s own Jasmine Glasheen and Nicole Reyhle, as well as consumer anthropologists Kizer & Bender and The Retail Doctor. For a full list of influencers attending Shop.org, click here. 

Reason #10: Waiting Another Year to Attend is 365 Days Lost 

Retailers are busy folks… there is no underestimating that. Yet pushing this event to the side or planning to wait and attend it at a later date will not help you help yourbusiness. This not-to-miss industry event is one you won’t want to miss. For more details on Shop.org, click here. 

To follow along and learn more about Shop.org, be sure to use hashtag #shoporg17. 

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