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Her sizes are as follows: dresses: 2, pants: 25, tops:
extra small to small, shoes: 8.5.

“Rachel has taught me to always believe in myself…never give up!” – Lindsey Shaw, Pretty Little Liars

Labeled “Master of branding…Preeminent influencer” (Daily Mail), Rachel McCord is an entrepreneur, media personality, author and philanthropist, who was named “One of the hottest models in the world right now,” by Daily Star.

In 2017, she released the sassy how-to, on social media and Hollywood: “Slay the Fame Game.”

“If you want to make it in the new digital age of millennial Hollywood, I would recommend you pick up Rachel McCord’s incredible book” – Russell Stuart, Hollywood Manager

Featured in top magazines and outlets around the world (combined reach over 2b), including: Vogue, Forbes, and Glamour, McCord stars in and produces “Slay with Rachel McCord.” She is a renowned speaker on such stages as: UCLA, FIDM, StyleCon, The Startup Series, Marketing in the Digital Age, etc.

“I can’t tell you enough how much Rachel’s help meant to me. She gave me hope.” – Sheena, Singer

Passionate about helping rising talent succeed, McCord accepted an adjunct professorship for the MBA program at Miami Hotel School in 2018.

After selling her first company at 24, she has gone on to build a successful career on camera, empowering women through entertainment.

Her latest venture, MindBodySlay, delivers a business in a box, to every woman from influential to disadvantaged alike. Her ambitious vision is to take them beyond inspiration, by guiding them into entrepreneurship, as “BossQueens” with their own ecom empires.

“Rachel is an amazing inspiration. She has helped me tremendously!” –Erin Nicole, Blogger

Her talks, called “the most inspirational” (by Melanie B) are changing lives. Moms have said, “Rachel’s work with our daughter has given her so much confidence.”

Referred to as the “influencer of influencers”, McCord founded The McCord List in 2014, a network of the most influential women in media. Between her own social channels and those of her network of fellow talent, McCord’s reach exceeds 50mm.

“Rachel definitely knows what she is doing when it comes to building a brand, but, her heart to serve others, is even more impressive!” – Diana Madison, Low Down

From humble beginnings in Georgia, she believes, “No matter where you grow up, you can create the life you dream of.” And, she is helping you do it…one hair flip at a time.