Forget Cyber Monday; Try These Top 4 Tips on Beauty Care

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December 2, 2016
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November 25, 2016

While everyone is sneaking visits to Amazon, Best Buy and Target at their office for Cyber Monday, I have something better on my mind!

A little self care!  

I was invited for a complimentary microdermabrasion facial at the boutique spa PARFAIRE ( in Pasadena. 

And, after checking out their 43 reviews on Yelp ( that yielded 5 stars, I was in! 

The space was absolutely beautiful! A boutique spa in Olde Town Pasadena, the space was intimate and relaxing. 

Unlike most spas, this space is a Medical Aesthetics location founded by beauty maven, Dr. Winnie Moses. 

They invited me back and I lied down for my very first microdermabrasion facial. 

It felt pretty weird at first. The best was to describe it is a cat licking your face. And, while I don’t like cats, I loved this facial!

Not only did I end up with smooth, clear skin, I was thrilled because the exfoliation in the facial helped me get my skin back on track! 

The spa is located at 101 S. Madison Ave., Pasadena CA 91101. 

So instead of cyber shopping, how about spoiling yourself with a fabulous facial? 

Here are my top 4 tips to make your facial benefits last longer!

1) Use SPF everyday. I use to skip this step and I kept getting ‘in trouble’ with aestheticians. It takes five seconds so don’t skip it! 

2) Use a toner. This step is suppose to come after cleanser but I never used it … until now! I am so happy I started using it because it cleans up residual makeup and pollution on your face after cleansing and tightens those pores!

3) Use spa grade facial products. Pairfaire has a fabulous collection but find whichever one works for you and stick with it. Skip the urge to buy drugstore products that keep your skin looking and feeling dull. 

4) Apply vitamin C and collagen serums and moisturizers to your skin. It is never too early to be preventative on anti-aging, and these two miracle workers will keep that gorgeous face looking like it does now! 

Thank you again to PARFAIRE for my lovely facial! I am OBSESSED and will absolutely be back!