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Rachel McCord is a: model, “on-camera” personality, producer, speaker, and philanthropist. She’s been featured in top magazines and outlets, including; Vogue and Glamour, and is the star and producer of her own show, “The Rachel McCord Show: From Trailer Parks to Red Carpets”, and is a renowned speaker on such stages as UCLA, The Startup Series, Marketing in the Digital Age, and Share.Like.Buy.

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  • Create Your Fabulous Life: Described as “the most inspiring talk this year”, by youth at The Ridge Project: Film Camp, audiences learn how to overcome personal obstacles, manage emotions, create healthy relationships and build the confidence to pursue their dreams and plan for their future. McCord uses comedy and sass, to share personal stories, advice, and learnings, from over 1,000 self help books by thought leaders around the world, including Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Dr Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay. From motivational talks on television, to countless stages around the world, audiences are inspired as she shares how she went from trailer parks in Georgia to red carpets in Hollywood.


  • SLAY THE FAME GAME in Hollywood & Social Media: Characterized as “brilliant”, and applauded by a Daily Mail reporter because “most people never discuss that side of the business”, McCord shares the inside scoop and tips on building a personal and professional brand. Ideal for aspiring public personalities, entrepreneurs, and talent. Audiences laugh and learn, as McCord divulges the not so pretty side of chasing recognition, while teaching proven techniques to 1) build a public brand, 2) leverage emergent media platforms to generate press and conversation, 3) stay “human” along the way. Those who have studied under McCord, have developed brands, walked red carpets, secured interviews and press.


  • Marketing that Converts; Leveraging effective branding and media to go viral: McCord has helped brands like Coca Cola, McDonald’s,  Zappos and Napa Valley (her case studies from one campaigned resulted in a reach of 562,000,000) promote themselves in efficient ways through celebrity, press, blogger and social media strategies. The proven techniques, as documented in her book, SLAY THE FAME GAME, are taught from a talent and media network founder perspective. Learn effective tools to 1) build/better your professional brand, 2) promote to media for domestic and international exposure, 3) save money on marketing, while reaching the desire millennial and Gen Y audiences. (Custom workshops and appearances available for select brands

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