SLAY the DAY: “I am safe.”

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SLAY the DAY: “I am safe.”

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Credit: Rachel Owens

I am sharing a heartfelt SLAY the Day, for anyone struggling with anything right now.

Maybe you are wondering what you are doing with your life, why it’s so hard, why your heart feels so heavy…

It’s okay, my love. Don’t judge this process. I am here to remind you of just how amazing you are. You are safe.

I am safe. This is going to pass. I am peaceful.

I know, when that storm is going on around you, it’s easy to believe the BS, listen to the insecurities, and buy into those lies… DON’T! You need to remember that you are a Queen, and you SLAY!!



Photographed look gifted by designer, Louis Verdad, at the Pistol and Stamen showroom.

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